Prayer That Must, The Power of Conversational Prayer

In the Prayers-that-Must, The Power of Conversational Prayer, Susan Ekhoff explores the delights and influence of prayer from her personal experience as a wife and homeschool mother of seven. Her transparent insights into friendship with God will inspire your own high adventure in prayer. Here are the practical tools to begin a legacy of prayer that will make all the difference.

Explore ways to:

• Know God as the joy of living

• Recognize and relish His voice 

• Be inspired by practical examples of conversation with the Lord 

• Pray in ways that change your life and the lives of those you love

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The Lamp, Be Aglow and Burning with the Spirit

Have you ever prayed for a spiritual mentor, an older woman who would take time to speak into your life as a “teacher of good things” (Tit. 2:3 NKJV)? The Lamp, Be Aglow and Burning with the Spirit contains eighteen “coffee dates” with Sandra Strange, age seventy-eight. Each chapter is an exciting personal story that brought her closer to the Lord and awarded her greatest life lessons. Sandra transparently shares her struggles and victories, emphasizing God’s faithfulness to speak and direct. After a long life of living in communion with Jesus, she can say with certainty, “The Lord is good!” And so will you.

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